Holy Roman Emperors (chronological)

Carolingian Dynasty
800-814 Charlemagne 34th great grandfather
816-840 Louis I the Debonnaire 33rd great grandfather
823-855 Lothair I  
850-875 Louis II 33rd great grandfather
875-877 Charles II the Bald 33rd great grand uncle
881-888 Charles II/III the Fat 1st cousin 34X removed
House of Guideschi
891-894 Guy  
892-898 Lambert  
Carolingian Dynasty
896-899 Arnulph  
Bosonid Dynasty
901-925 Louis III  
Unruoching Dynasty
915-924 Berengar  
Ottonian (Saxon) Dynasty
962-973 Otto I  
961-983 Otto II  
983-1002 Otto III  
1002-1024 Henry II  
Salian (Frankish) Dynasty
1024-1039 Conrad II  
1029-1056 Henry III  
1053-1105 Henry IV  
1099-1125 Henry V  
Supplinburger dynasty
1125-1137 Lothair III  

Staufen (or Hohenstaufen) dynasty

1152-1190 Frederick I  
1169-1197 Henry VI  
House of Welf
1198-1215 Otto IV Husband of 24th great grand aunt
Staufen (or Hohenstaufen) dynasty
1215-1250 Frederick II Husband of 24th great grand aunt
House of Luxembourg
1308-1313 Henry VII 23rd great grandfather
House of Wittelsbach
1314-1347 Louis IV 1st cousin 24X removed
House of Luxembourg
1349-1378 Charles IV 21st great grand uncle
1411-1437 Sigismund 1st cousin 22X removed
House of Habsburg
1440-1493 Frederick III 4th cousin 21X removed
1486-1519 Maximillian I  
1519-1556 Charles V 6th cousin 16X removed
1531-1564 Ferdinand I 6th cousin 16X removed
1562-1576 Maximillian II 7th cousin 15X removed
1575-1612 Rudolph II 8th cousin 14X removed
1612-1619 Mathias 8th cousin 14X removed
1618-1637 Ferdinand II 8th cousin 14X removed
1636-1657 Ferdinand III 9th cousin 13X removed
1658-1705 Leopold I  
1690-1711 Joseph I  
1711-1740 Charles VI  
House of Wittelsbach
1742-1745 Charles VII  
House of Habsburg-Lorraine
1745-1765 Francis I  
1765-1790 Joseph II  
1790-1792 Leopold II  
1792-1806 Francis II  

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