Kings of FRANCE (chronological)

 Merovingian Dynasty
481-511  Clovis I the Great 43rd great grandfather
511-558  Childebert I 42nd great grandfather
558-561  Clotaire (Chlotar) 42nd great grandfather
561-567  Charibert I 41st great grandfather
561-584  Chilperic I 41st great grandfather
584-628  Clotaire II 40th great grandfather
584-628  Dagobert I 39th great grandfather
638-656  Clovis II 39th great grandfather
656-670  Chlothar III 38th great grandfather
670-675  Childeric II 38th great grandfather
673,etc.  Thierry III 38th great grandfather
675-676  Clovis III, prob. son of Clothar III (above).  
676-679 Dagobert II of Austrasia (after return from exile)  
*     The next seven Kings were puppet Kings.
675-676  Thierry III  
691-695 Clovis IV, son of Thierry III  
695-711 Childebert III  
711-715 Dagobert III  
715-720 Chilperic II  
720-737 Thierry IV  
742-752 Childeric III  
  Sigebert III poss. self-proclaimed ``King of Franks,'' the descent of the Counts of Razes from Dagobert II is believed to be a hoax 37th great grandfather
House of Carolingians (Pepinid Line)
752-768 Pepin III `the Short' 35th great grandfather
768-771 Carloman 34th great grand Uncle
768-814 Charlemagne 34th great grandfather
814-840 Louis I the Debonnaire (2nd Holy Roman Emperor) 33rd great grandfather
840-843 Interregnum; Sons of Louis I at War. Resolved by the Peace of Verdun, which established France.  
843-877 Charles II the Bald - First King of France. 33rd great grand uncle
877-879 Louis II the Stammerer 32nd great grandfather
879-882 Louis III  
882-884 Carloman  
885-887 Charles II/III the Fat 1st cousin 34X removed
Robertians, Carolingian
888-898 Eudes (Odo) 32nd great grand uncle
898-922 Charles III the Simple (claimed throne from 893) 33rd great grandfather
922-923 Robert I 32nd great grandfather
923-936 Raoul of Burgundy 31st great grand uncle
House of Carolingians (Restored)
936-954 Louis IV 32nd great grandfather
954-986 Lothair 31st great grandfather
986-987 Louis V the Indolent 30th great grandfather
House of Capet (Robertians)
987-996 Hugh Capet 31st great grandfather
996-1031 Robert II the Pious 30th great grandfather
1031-1060 Henry I 29th great grandfather
1060-1108 Philip I the Fair 28th great grandfather
1108-1137 Louis VI the Fat 27th great grandfather
1137-1180 Louis VII the Younger 27th great grandfather
1180-1223 Philip II Augustus 26th great grandfather
1223-1226 Louis VIII the Lion 25th great grandfather
1226-1234 Blanche of Castile -Regent 25th great grandmother
1226-1270 Louis IX the Saint 24th great grandfather
1271-1285 Philip III the Bold  
1285-1314 Philip IV the Fair 1st cousin 24X removed
1314-1316 Louis X the Stubborn  
1316 Philip V the Tall - Regent  
1316-1316 John I the Posthumous  
1316-1322 Philip V the Tall  
1322-1328 Charles IV the Fair  
House of Valois
1328-1350 Philip VI the Fortunate 22nd great grandfather
1350-1364 John II the Good 21st great grandfather
1364-1380 Charles V the Wise 20th great grandfather
1380-1382 Louis I of Anjou - Regent 20th great granduncle
1380-1422 Charles VI the Well-Beloved  
1422-1429 Henry VI of England (as infant) 6th cousin 19X removed
1429-1461 Charles VII the Victorious  
1461-1483 Louis XI the Cruel  
1483-1484 Anne de Beaujeu - Regent  
1483-1498 Charles VIII the Affable  
1498-1515 Louis XII the Father of His People 3rd cousin 19X removed
1515-1547 Francis I 4th cousin 18X removed
1547-1559 Henry II 5th cousin 17X removed
1559-1560 Francis II 6th cousin 16X removed
1560-1563 Catherine de Medici - Regent  
1560-1574 Charles IX 6th cousin 16X removed
1574-1589 Henry III 6th cousin 16X removed
House of Bourbon
1589-1610 Henry IV  
1610-1614 Marie de Medici - Regent  
1610-1643 Louis XIII the Well-Beloved  
1643-1651 Anne of Austria - Regent 9th cousin 13X removed
1643-1715 Louis XIV the Sun King 10th cousin 12X removed
1715-1723 Philippe III d' Orleans 11th cousin 11X removed
1715-1774 Louis XV the Well-Beloved 13th cusin 9X removed
1774-1793 Louis XVI the Beloved 15th cousin 7X removed
1793-1795 Louis XVII (spent entire ``reign'' in prison) 16th cousin 6X removed

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