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Our Noble Background

The Longueval Research Project has established the connection, through Anne Couvent, into the royalty database. This site includes that ancestry. If Anne Couvent is in your ancestry, have fun looking at some of our famous and infamous ancestors.

  • Here are some links showing noble ancestors as they are related to me

    Please note: this is not complete and is included for the user to see their potential relationship to past nobility The nobility database is far from the primary focus of the site and will not be supported other than the correction of errors.

    Welcome to the genealogy site devoted to Voyer and Bedard ancestry. Why Voyer and Bedard? Larry Voyer's father was a Voyer, his mother a Bedard! I believe that this is the largest compilation of Voyers with 4500+ and 25,000+ Bedards - over 200,000 records in total. I hope it will be useful to those looking for their heritage.

    We are indebted to Larry's cousin Jacqueline TIERNAN Poudrier for her tireless research and contributions to this site.

    If you have any questions, comments or find broken links, Please Contact Us.


    If you register as a User, you will be able to add new data and Suggest changes to existing data.

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    ! Special Note !

    Larry Voyer has found it necessary to slow down due to an ongoing health problem.

    He has chosen GenDexNetwork, owned by CanadianHeadstones.com, to host his site so this valuable data can remain available to all researchers free of cost.

    Do you read the Obituaries? If you find BEDARD and VOYER obituaries (links or scans)?

    Are you a BEDARD or VOYER and not in our database?

    Are you interested in being part of the site research or development team?

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